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Norval Outdoor Education Centre

Norval celebrates 100 years

Norval Outdoor Education Centre

Tapping maple trees and collecting sap is just one of the spring activities at Norval.

Upper Canada College’s Norval Outdoor Education Centre was launched a century ago and is sending more students than ever to the 430-acre site northwest of Toronto to help them develop better awareness of the environment and their ethical responsibility to it.

Boys sharpen their outdoor skills and enhance their learning in science, geography, math, art and other subjects while having fun and bonding at the all-season school’s facilities which serve as headquarters for the exploration of the wide-ranging terrain on the UCC-owned property outside the hamlet of Norval along the Credit River.

The future looks even brighter, as a 2011 report recommends making more and better use of Norval. This includes improving and expanding facilities to accomodate a broader range of programs and a greater number of students, particularly on an overnight basis. And while Norval hosts several open houses for members of the UCC community during the year, it’s looking at opening up to allow more outside groups to take advantage of what it has to offer.

There’s obviously a lot to celebrate, and that’s what UCC intends to do with an all-day event at Norval on Oct. 6. for UCC families. We will remember good times from the past and look forward to more to come in Norval’s second century. Find out more details and see the schedule for the Norval 100th anniversary celebration at

UCC’s summer/fall 2013 issue of Old Times magazine looks at Norval’s history and ponders its future. It also provides interesting facts about the site, examines its educational role and lets Old Boys reminisce about their experiences there. Read all about it here.