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Hack-mania continues at UCC

Four Upper Canada College students helped organize a major hackathon last weekend while seven others took part in the competition.

Hackathons can best be described as “invention marathons” where people with an interest in technology gather to learn, build and share their creations over the course of a weekend.

THacks 2 is Toronto’s premier hackathon for learning, building and innovation for 300 high school and university hackers. It was held at the University of Toronto on Oct. 21 and 22 and featured a 24-hour lineup of workshops, speakers and competition. Teams of hackers demonstrated their projects and competed for prizes at the end of the weekend.

Robbie Knowles, Shaan Hooey, Gaurav Dogra and Simon Guo helped organize THacks 2.

“We worked with students from other schools in the Greater Toronto Area to plan and run this event,” says Guo. “We started to plan the event six months ago, including finding venues and sponsors, collecting mentors and resources, setting up the application and judging process, marketing the event, and overseeing the logistics of the event.”

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Kais Jessa, Ansh Kuckreja and Nicholas O’Brien work on their hack.

Zachary Dawood, Ansh Kuckreja, Kais Jessa, Andy Craig, Nicholas O’Brien, Jack Douglas, and Sameer Jessa took part in THacks 2.

Dawood, Kuckreja, Craig and Kais Jessa won the best .tech domain hack prize, which was awarded to a project that best utilizes the .tech domain. They created a Discord messaging platform bot that lets you create and manage group events on your server.

Douglas and his team created an application that predicts future prices over a year for stocks in the energy, financial, healthcare and technology sectors.

Sameer Jessa and his team created a garden probe that allows users to track vital crop condition data such as the moisture value of plants.

O’Brien alone created a simple tool for making HTTP requests without code to help people learn fundamental parts of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

“It was the first time for many of the UCC hackers to attend a hackathon,” says Guo, a young veteran hacker who’s received several honours at various events. “All of them took computer science courses at UCC and they utilized their skills well in the competition.”

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