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UCC fencing club captures gold

UCC’s fencing club earned its first medal in history, a gold for that matter, at the annual Saints Team Challenge on Sunday, Feb. 11.

Four athletes from the UCC fencing club traveled to St. Andrews College for the tournament, an annual team competition held at SAC every year, involving high school teams and fencing clubs around Toronto.

IMG_2755 (1)The boys arrived at SAC early in the morning for registration and warm-up as well as meeting the other teams and coaches to decide the format of this year’s tournament. The format came down to a team round-robin where every team would face every other team.

Each match would go up to 27 points with three players alternating from each team until one team reaches 27. With this in mind, there was little room for mistakes.

The boys first faced off against Stratford Middle Years School’s fencing club, winning by a small margin of 27-21. They then went on to face their rivals Holy Trinity School, comprised of three experienced fencers. It was a tough match and some calls did not go our way, but the boys persevered through and went on to win 27-14. Beating HTS meant we would have no trouble fencing the other teams. This proved to be true as we finished undefeated, winning as much as 27-3 against SAC’s B team.

Being undefeated, UCC’s fencing club did not only achieve their first medal in school history, but also acquired their first gold. With the strong leadership of the captain and club head Michael Sun, this is just the first step towards strengthening UCC’s reputation in the high school fencing league.
By Michael Sun