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tinalo4525caleytaylorTina Brunelle
Current Title: Prep School Head of French
Academic Background: B.A. (McMaster University), B.Ed. (OISE at University of Toronto), M.Ed. (OISE at University of Toronto)
Work Experience: It has been a privilege to work in both the public and independent school systems in Ontario and British Columbia for the last 25 years, to be a member of the Board of Directors at the Giles School (2012-2014) and to support my children by managing and helping to coach their Richmond Hill Raider soccer teams (2009-2015) and organizing Children’s Bridge events (2003-2005). Our lives have also been enriched through our experiences and the friendships we made as a homestay for international students (2000-2012).
Biography: My personal philosophy is “follow your heart, live your dreams, be passionate, happiness is yours to take, never give up, your energy is limitless.” Growing up in a francophone community, language and culture are at the core of my identity. I feel fortunate to have experienced the diversity of our world through learning four languages and my family, as a language teacher and the French Exchange Coordinator, and from my travels from one Canadian coast to another, to many places in Asia, Europe and North America. As I continue my learning journey and through my 17 years at UCC as the Head of French, a French teacher, an adviser and a coach, I met and worked with some of the most passionate professional and continue to learn so much. My two amazing children have also taught me to appreciate the little everyday moments in life. I am thankful for the opportunities and support I have received from my family, friends and the UCC community to be the best I can be, and look forward to continuing to be a part of this great school.

martincloutier2016img_8967caleytaylorMartin Cloutier
Current Title: Prep French Teacher, Year 6 Adviser, Boarding Associate in the Wernham & West Centre For Learning (CFL)
Academic Background: B.Ed (McGill University), M. Ed (Université de Montréal)
Work Experience: French Immersion in B.C, Éducation nationale française in California, Selwyn House in Montreal, JFK in Switzerland
Biography: I started at Upper Canada College in 2004. I am the adviser for 6C and I also teach French in Year 6 and 7, in addition to being the CFL associate for the boarding students. I enjoy coaching hockey and softball for the Year 6 boys as well. My summers are normally spent on a sailboat, cruising everywhere around Lake Ontario with both of my sons, Rémy and Simon.

jill-stewart_cropJill Stewart
Current Title: Prep French teacher and Coordinator of health and life skills
Academic Background: B.A. Honours French/Drama, B.Ed. (Queen’s University)
Biography: Since joining the college in 1996 I have been a French teacher and then also a health teacher for boys in Years 5 through 7. I help to coordinate community service initiatives at the Prep and have participated in the winter musical either as an actor or director for the past 20 years. More recently I have also co-coached the Year 7 field hockey team. I love to travel with my husband, Steve, and my daughter, Evelyn.