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kevinolde2370caleytaylorKevin Olds
Current Title: Upper School computer science and business technology teacher
Academic Background:
B.Sc. in kinesiology (University of Waterloo), M.Eng. (University of Toronto), B.Ed. in math, science and computer science (University of Toronto)
Biography: I arrived at UCC in the 1980s, so it will come as no surprise that I’ve taught in various departments and under more than 30 course codes. By far the most interesting and challenging course that I’ve taught was called “The Interaction of Experiments and Ideas.” It was theory of knowledge for scientists. It’s all about how each individual student learns, what motivates him and what I can do to bring out the best in him intellectually. My passion is creating customized learning environments that allow students to engage, receive feedback and acquire skills at their own pace in a collaborative learning milieu.