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CeliaBowkerIMG_7510CaleyTaylor_webCelia Bowker
Current Title: Upper School English and Theory of Knowledge teacher
Academic Background: B.A. Hons (Queen’s University), B.Ed. (University of Toronto), M.A. History (Queen’s University)
Work Experience: Washington International School; Washington, DC Halcyon London International School; London, UK Island and West Island Schools; Hong Kong American Community School; Beirut, Lebanon Maplewood High School; Toronto Ontario Correctional Institute; Brampton
Biography: I love travelling and I love education which is why I’ve moved around to live and work in four other countries on three continents. Through my experiences, which started when I taught in prisons, I have learned that it is impossible for students to learn if they do not feel comfortable in my class. It is my goal to make every student welcome and to find how each learns best.

dalechurchward2289caleytaylorDale Churchward
Current Title: Upper School English department head and director of co-curricular theatre
Academic Background: Ph.D. (Western University)
Work Experience: Assistant Professor, Western; professional studio photography

heathercrawford3646caleytaylorcaleytaylorHeather Crawford
Job: Upper School theatre and Theory of Knowledge teacher
Academic Background: B.Mus. (University of British Columbia), B.Ed. (University of British Columbia), M.A. in English literature (University of Toronto)
International Teaching Experience: International School in Manila, Philippines (2004 to 2008); British International School in Shanghai, China (2008 to 2010)
Biography: I grew up attending international schools in different countries because of my father’s work. My Grade 11 English teacher in Cairo was a passionate, tireless and exacting woman — she made us memorize Aristotle’s definition of tragedy word for word, among other things — who inspired me to pursue teaching as a career. One of my favourite things about teaching, especially at UCC, is that it prevents me from becoming a lazy thinker. I love it when students challenge my reasoning and introduce me to new perspectives on important issues. This year I’m looking forward to co-directing the classical play and supervising the Human Rights Advocacy Club.

jeffhill2016img_8541caleytaylorJeff Hill
Current Title: Upper School English teacher
Academic Background: B.A. (Carleton College), M.T. (OISE/University of Toronto)
Biography: I enjoy reading, yoga, playing the guitar and singing. I’m a Year One adviser and co-coach of the junior varsity hockey and varsity lacrosse teams. I’m an Old Boy from the class of ’98 and my experiences as a student at the College have been instrumental in inspiring my love of education and developing my teaching and coaching style, as well as providing me with many incredible mentors. My wife Nancy and I are the proud parents of Noah.

ReganLight_IMG_7661CaleyTaylorReagan Light
Current Title: Upper School English and Theory of Knowledge teacher
Academic Background: Honours B.A. (Trent University), P.G.C.E (University of Strathclyde)
Work Experience: 25 years teaching, most recently at Robert College, Istanbul, Turkey
Biography: As an Old Boy (class of ’87), I am very excited to return to UCC to teach IB Language and Literature, TOK and Year 10 Drama classes. I have recently returned to Toronto after 18 years living in Istanbul, Turkey, with my wife and two children.

gregorymcdonald3564caleytaylorcaleytaylorGreg McDonald
Current Title:
Upper School English and Theory of Knowledge teacher
Academic Background: Honours B.A. (Queen’s University), Dip.Ed. (McGill University)
Biography: Having previously worked in landscaping and later banking, I began teaching in public and several nearby private schools, working in grades six to 12. I’ve been fortunate to work at UCC’s Prep School and have taught history and theatre at UCC’s Upper School. My passions are German history, theatre, debating and tennis. In my spare time I read European history and enjoy cycling, cross-country skiing and spending time with my wife and two daughters.

LincolnSmith_IMG_7863CaleyTaylorLincoln Smith
Current Title: Upper School General Learning Strategies and Theory of Knowledge teacher
Academic Background: M.S.Ed. (Long Island University), B.Ed. (University of Ottawa), B.A. (Oberlin College)
Work Experience: Teacher, technology coach and research and development department member at the American School of Bombay, Mumbai India; Teacher, special education department chair and Google Apps for Education (GAfE) Domain and Systems Manager at Lyons Community School, New York USA; Adjunct Professor (Classroom Inquiry I) at Long Island University, New York USA; Member, Teachers College Inclusive Classrooms Project (TCICP) and Teacher Advisory Board at Columbia Teachers College, Columbia Teachers College; Google Apps Scripts and Add-Ons and CloudLab beta-tester and Urban Teacher Residency Program mentor, New Visions for Public Schools; Teacher at Saramen Chuuk Academy, Chuuk Micronesia.
Biography: I’ve spent the last 11 years teaching in public and independent schools in Micronesia, the United States, and India. I’ve taught secondary level math, science, history, English, and arts classes, and worked as a special educator, ESL teacher, technology coach and adjunct professor of education. I’m also an ex-collegiate soccer player and semi-professional coach, swing dance instructor, and bridge player. No matter the situation, I’m fascinated by how we learn, and how we can use our knowledge and skills to better the world around us.