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EdwardMoon_IMG_7848CaleyTaylorEd Moon
Current Title: Upper School history teacher
Academic Background: B.A. Hons History (University of Bristol, England)
Work Experience: I taught at Colston’s School in Bristol, England, for four years, and German Swiss International School in Hong Kong for 13 years.
Biography: I love teaching single party and authoritarian states, American history, causes and practices of 20th century conflicts, the Cold War and plenty more besides. I have a cat named Doris. I enjoy baseball. I love podcasts. I’m happiest eating. The public spaces and parks here in Toronto are truly amazing after nearly 13 years in Hong Kong. I have yet to experience a Canadian winter.

christospaschalidis2207caleytaylorChristos Paschalidis
Current Title: Upper School history teacher
Academic Background: B.A. (University of Waterloo), M.A. (King’s College), B.Ed. (OISE/University of Toronto)
Biography: I love training students how to realize Herodotus’ counsel to inquire/investigate into the past in order to better understand the present and build a viable future based on the principles of social justice and equality. Philology, both in Greek and English, is my other major passion and I enjoy helping his students develop linguistic, cultural and media literacy as well as effective communication skills. I’m an avid soccer fan and enjoy playing recreationally with my friends, daughter, son and wife. My family dedicates significant time and energy in traveling to new places, meeting new people and cultures, and looking for new recipes and cooking ideas. I equally love fiction and non-fiction.