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1829 UCC founded by Sir John Colborne
1830 JAN. 4, students register for their first day at UCC
1850s First College Times
1863 Sir John Colborne dies
1866 Queen’s Own Rifles affiliation begins (Fenian raids)
1891 JULY 3, last day at Russell Square site in downtown Toronto
1891 OCT. 14, official opening of Deer Park building
 Upper Canada College in 1830

1900 NOV. 15, proclamation of UCC 1900 Act, gaining independence
1902 First Preparatory School building opens
1913 Norval property purchased; first Norval picnic
1922 Lieutenant-governor lays cornerstone for second Prep building, Parkin Building
1923 Parkin Building opens
1932 Separate boarding houses open
1933 First “Hockey Night”
1938 New Upper School gym and swimming pool open
1939 JUNE 9, Norval House opens

Students hang out on the UCC campus.
1951 Prime minister Louis St. Laurent lays cornerstone for memorial wing
1954 Prep gym opens
1955 HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, becomes visitor
1955 First outdoor artificial rink opens
1958 MARCH 11, Upper School building condemned; MARCH 12, Upper School evacuated
1959 Prince Philip visits
Against the backdrop of an emerging clock tower, students gauge fundraising efforts to build a new Upper School.
1960 APRIL 28, Montgomery of Alamein dedicates front doors of College
1960 SEPT. 28, New Upper School opens, Rogers clocktower opens with guests Vincent Massey and Edward Peacock
1960 OCT. 29, Dedication of All Hallows Chapel
1962 Peacock Building officially named after renovations
1963 50th anniversary Norval picnic
1964–65 Norval Arboretum and Stephen House established
1967 Stephen House architect Blake Millar (UCC 1945-54) awarded Massey Medal for excellence in architecture
1967 Grade 13 provincial exams dropped
1969 Old Boys’ Association becomes UCC Association and includes parents and Old Boys
UCC greets the 1960s with a new Upper School, a stately building that still stands today.

1971 “Program for UCC” to raise funds for the libraries, lecture theatre and Patrick Johnson Arena
First woman on board of governors, the Honourable Pauline McGibbon, 1971-74, ex officio appointment of chancellor of the University of Toronto
1973 Official opening of Macintosh Library
Sandi Ryder becomes first elected woman on board of governors
1977 Top floor of memorial wing converted to apartments
UCC’s 150th anniversary. HRH Prince Philip visits College and attends first Association Day
HRH Prince Philip chats with UCC athletes
during his visit to the College, one of UCC’s
150th anniversary year highlights.

1980s New Upper School science labs
1980 Boarding ends at Prep School
UCC students embarked on their first of many international work experiences during the 1980s.

1992 FEB. 21, Hewitt Athletic Centre opens
1992 Eaton Building opens at Prep
1992 First Grandparents’ Day at the Prep
1993 OCTOBER, Prince Philip opens new buildings (Hewitt Centre, Eaton Building and Mara Gates)
1995 UCC becomes IB school
1998 First IB diplomas granted
1998 Grade 2 introduced
1998 First annual leaving class dinner, sponsored by the UCC Association
1999 Primary wing renovations; Grade 1 introduced
1999 Creativity centre opens
The Prep’s sunny library, shown in recent days, first opened in the 1970s and underwent extensive renovations in 1995.

2001 Richard Wernham and Julia West Centre for Learning opens
2002 Prep 100th anniversary
2003 Senior Kindergarten introduced
2004–05 College’s 175th anniversary
The spectacular millennium clock that graces the
creativity centre was a gift from the leaving class
of 2000 as well as Michaele Robertson, head of the
Upper School, programs, and Barry Wansbrough ’54.