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Summary of Major Dates 2018-2019

Here is a list of important dates for the 2018-2019 school year so that new families can plan ahead. Over the summer, please contact the Office of Admission with any inquiries.

Boarding English Language Learners Orientation Saturday, September 1

New Boarder Move-in and Family Orientation Sunday, September 2 (see schedule)

Boarding New Boy Orientation Monday, September 3 to Wednesday, September 5 (see schedule)

Upper School New Day Boy Orientation Tuesday, September 4 to Wednesday, September 5

Prep School New Boy Orientation Wednesday, September 5 (morning only)

Senior Kindergarten Meet the Teacher visits Wednesday, September 5 to Thursday, September 6 (to be scheduled)

First full day of classes (Years 1–12) Thursday, September 6

First day of class (Senior Kindergarten) Monday, September 10

Association Day/New Parent Breakfast Saturday, September 22

Thanksgiving break Classes end October 5, 2018
Classes resume October 9, 2018

Fall midterm break Classes end November 8, 2018
Classes resume November 13, 2018

December break Classes end December 19, 2018
Classes resume January 8, 2019

Winter midterm break Classes end February 14, 2019
Classes resume February 19, 2019

March break Classes end March 8, 2019
Classes resume March 25, 2019

Easter/April break Classes end April 18, 2019
Classes resume April 23, 2019

Victoria Day break Classes end May 17, 2019
Classes resume May 21, 2019

Prep School last day of classes June 10, 2019

Upper School last day of classes June 14, 2019