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What to Support

Your gift can be directed to an area of the school that’s meaningful to you.
To help guide your generosity, here are the College’s top priorities:

upper school boysThe College Priority Fund — UPHOLD OUR TRADITIONS OF EXCELLENCE

This fund gives us the flexibility to target UCC’s most vital needs and initiatives. Your gift to the College Priority Fund has an immediate and significant impact on the everyday life of the school.



IMG_4296The Prep Priority Fund — FOCUS ON THE PREP 

A donation to the Prep Priority Fund helps keep the Prep School’s facilities and programs vibrant and exceptional. This fund addresses the areas of greatest need for our students in SK to Form 7.



boys in Laidlaw HallFinancial AssistanceCHANGE A BOY’S LIFE 

In the past year, applications for financial assistance have jumped 40 per cent. There’s never been a better time to strengthen the fabric of the school by giving a high-potential boy the chance to attend UCC, no matter what his family’s economic situation.




When you give to our facilities projects, you’re helping build cutting-edge classrooms, labs, and sports and arts facilities across the campus that optimize learning and connection.



I heart boardingBoarding — SUPPORT THEIR HOME AWAY FROM HOME

Be part of the boarding renaissance at UCC, where close to 90 high-calibre boys from more than 20 countries are living and learning in newly renovated houses. With your generous contribution, we can strengthen after-school and weekend programs that promote fun, friendship, and cultural immersion in one of the world’s most livable cities.