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Adam Rothman

Adam in BarlonyoStudent

Adam Rothman is the head steward of Upper Canada College for the 2017-2018 school year.

“I pursued this position in order to give back to the UCC community,” says Rothman. “I feel extremely honoured to be elected out of many deserving candidates in IB1, and I am excited to get to work.”

Rothman used a theme of “I care” in his campaign speech, expressing particular concern that all clubs and teams get “the attention and resources that they deserve” and trying to ensure that it’s possible for students to juggle academics and extracurricular activities.

Among Rothman’s extracurricular involvements are Model United Nations, debating, playing varsity football and mentoring in the Horizons program.

“What I can and will do is everything in my power to make each day at the College a little bit better,” says Rothman.

“To increase house spirit and participation, we should take a good look at unconventional house competitions such as debating, chess, trivia and, yes, e-sports. I would further promote transparency by publishing the agendas of stewards’ meetings and inviting student reporters to listen in. I will ensure students’ voices are always heard and addressed when the school makes important decisions.”