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Prep Athletics

An activity a day… When it comes to health and well-being, so much depends on making physical activity an absolute part of daily routine. At UCC we know that, so we start building lifelong lifestyle habits early.

Prep Athletics

Active learning is an integral part of boys education.

Unlike many competitors, the Prep builds time for athletics into each and every day. Physical skill development is built into our curriculum. It’s not an “add-on.” It’s core to what we do. Even if your son isn’t on the hockey team this year, you’ll still find him racing around the rink as part of a physical education class.

Throughout the school year boys can be found all over the campus involved in a wide range of sports, either interschool competitive teams or in our House intramural program. No matter what, the College is committed to ensuring that a hour of physical activity is built into the school day for every student.

For parents, this means there’s no need to sign your son up for after-school sports to ensure fitness. For other parents and boys, it is a great way to watch your sons augment their skills and grow and improve in a positive atmosphere.

With a rich and broad co-curricular program, Prep boys have unparalleled opportunities to play interschool sports, including soccer, field hockey, volleyball, cross-country running, swimming, hockey, basketball, softball, rugby, tennis, lacrosse, and track and field. UCC takes great pride in the fact that it offers and interschool athletic team opportunity to all of its students from Gr. 4 through 7 each and every term.

We also view team sports as essential to character development in young boys. Where else might a boy be put in difficult emotional situations (such as a tough referee call or a major game loss) and be taught how to react appropriately and learn from his mistakes?

Fitness as a lifelong value… Whether it’s in-class or co-curricular activity, we never lose sight of the goal — to set your son up for a future of healthy living.

See a photo gallery from the Under 13 (Grade 6) Hockey team’s 2016-17 CISAA championship.

Nigel White, Prep School athletic director

Nigel started at UCC as a Grade 5 math, science and physical education teacher in 1991. He became Prep athletic director in 1996 and is also a senior admission counsellor. Nigel has coached soccer, hockey, basketball, squash, tennis, track and field and softball, and is currently the under 11A soccer coach.

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