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Have you ever dreamed of creating a masterpiece — whether it’s a musical composition, a great piece of theatre, work on canvas or short film? UCC is the place for you.

Nuit Bleue 2017Masterpieces aside, the arts provide myriad opportunities for self-expression, personal growth and cultural appreciation. You could join a band or choir, write articles or design pages for a student publication, shoot videos for assemblies and events, paint sets or perform in a play. One of the annual highlights is our spring arts festival, Nuit Bleue, an evening for the entire community to enjoy our boys’ talents in art, music, film, theatre and more.

The options are truly astounding and limitless.

Many UCC graduates have gone on to careers as architects, painters, sculptors, graphic designers, interior designers, curators, musicians, actors, producers, and film and television directors.

Parents also help support the arts by participating in the Arts Booster Club (ABC). Team parent leaders help communicate, promote and raise spirits around arts achievements at UCC by contributing to a number of events and promoting the students’ artistic successes.

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