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Upper Athletics

With 18 different sports and 45 interscholastic teams, Upper Canada College’s athletics program stands above its peers in terms of opportunities and facilities to suit every skill level. Whether you’ve got your sights set on playing college football or simply enjoy a good workout, UCC sets you up to consider physical fitness a lifelong value.

Upper Athletics - Rowing

There is a proud tradition of rowing excellence at UCC.

That said, while UCC has an inclusive attitude to team sports, the rumours are true. We represent our school on the independent school stage at a formidable level.

A place for you to enjoy sports, whatever your skill level

With four key streams of Upper School athletics, you’ll find your niche whatever your skill level.

You know it’s essential for high-level athletes to train their body for the demands of their sport. Get familiar with the Strength, Agility, Speed (SAS) Fitness Centre, our fully equipped weight training and athletic performance centre. Our full-time trainer can design a customized, skills-appropriate program and fully supervised, safe, expert monitoring, tailored specifically for peak athletic performance. It’s a unique way for everyone from the elite athlete to the day boy hoping to rev up his muscle mass to improve his fitness level. Whatever your starting point, you’ll feel the satisfaction that comes with vast fitness improvement.