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We Believe in Boys

As specialists in boys’ education, we spend a lot of time thinking about the unique ways in which boys learn and grow. This mission shapes everything we do. Nevertheless, when considering the value of single-sex education, you’re sure to ask these questions:

We Believe in Boys

UCC faculty members are experts in boys’ education.

Why a boys’ school? Will my son miss out on social contact with girls? What are boys’ unique learning needs?

The fact is that all the recent groundbreaking brain research strongly confirms the developmental difference between boys and girls. And that means single-sex education programs allow boys to thrive and learn better in accordance with their unique learning and emotional needs. Boys learn better in an environment that:

The list goes on and on. And it’s our job to keep pace with the research we enthusiastically apply in the classroom and beyond.

And rest assured, because we’re experts in boys’ learning, we know how important it is to have consistent social interaction with girls. Whether it’s a co-ed production of our annual theatrical extravaganzas, an evening dance with our “sister school,” The Bishop Strachan School, or a co-ed course for theory of knowledge, part of the International Baccalaureate diploma curriculum, there’s a multitude of opportunities for our students to mingle and learn.

As our mission statement asserts: We believe in boys. And we have the expertise, resources, faculty and facilities to develop the potential and awaken the ambition in each and every boy, whatever his unique strengths and learning needs are.


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